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The True Meaning Of Dyverse Rap

Posted on October 1, 2005 by

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Dyverse is a 21 yr old artist straight out of South Florida. Now Dyverse represents Cashville, Ten-a-Key ( Nashville, TN ) to tha fullest. He has been freestyling since he was 16 years old, and established quite a buzz in the streets of Florida through his freestyle talent. Since his arrival in Cashville, he dropped his first mixtape within 3 months of being there which was entitled "Cashville's Newest Change to The Game", which featured 19 tracks. This mixtape really caught the attention of many artists, producers, and indy labels in that market.

Dyverse records at a local studio, ShowKase Productions, which also has artists under its wing as well. Dyverse also has a studio at his home where he records as well. Dyverse's debut Album, entitled "Struggles of Survivors", is set to drop through National Distribution in January, 2006. He came up with this concept being that in the music business and life in general, there's alot of struggles cats gotta go through to succees and become a true survivor. It is a blazing album and the single "Old Schools and Big Bodies" has already been getting the attention of DJ's nationwide playing it. This album will hit National Distribution, so be sure to request it at a store near you. You can check out (4) tracks off the album on Dyverse's website at The album is already released locally to streets and stores in several states and markets.

He has been networking with folks from all over the world, not just the U.S. He is currently being promoted in Germany and Sweeden as well. When he sent off his demo to the Neptunes/Clipse ( Startracks Entertainment ), their manager was shocked with tha verbal skills and delivery Dyverse brought to the table. Dyverse will also appear on DJ Butter's "Mouth of Tha South" mixtape hosted by none other than Boyz In Da Hood.

Be looking out for Dyverse to do some big things in the 05-06, and know that he stays grinding, stays networking, and stays working. Dyverse is all about business, and sleeps 5-6 hours per night, and the rest is all work. Whether its in the booth recording, promoting, on the streets, he's always grinding on his music. And any artists tryin to network to make real things happen, you can contact him via email and either himself or his manager will get back to you immediately. Dyverse is always willing to work with other up and comming artists who are serious about their work. This is a dream he has had for years, and his hunger, or should I stay starvation, for the industry will not fade away. Thats a guarantee! Dyverse has also started his own independennt label, D-Day Records, which is located at That site is under construction.

He just had so many hot artists wanting to collaborate/network, he decided to try to move onto bigger goals and dreams. Right now, his main goal is to either land a solo deal, or national P&D for his indy label. Appreciate you taking the time to read a little about Dyverse's background.


- Dyverse is currently getting radio play all over the internet as well as many commercial stations nationwide, even in Germany

- Dyverse is currently performing throughout TN, mostly in Nashville, as well as surrounding cities and states.

- Dyverse has 45 tracks completed, that vary different types of styles, from club hype tracks, to deep life related tracks, to metaphor/punchline and wordplay tracks

- Currently working with Rob Ski who runs Nashville Rap and pretty much handles the entire hip hop scene here locally,

- Currently on on the left side if you scroll down half way it says Artists and DJ's, and you can see his link listed there

- Dyverse had an interview with DubCNN Magazine as "DatBoyBG" which can still be found under their archives at

- Dyverse has his own website fully professionally designed which you can see at

- Also created a soundclick site for extra promotion which is at

- He has generate 3,700 views to his main site in less than 3 months of it being up and active

- He has generated 4500 + views and 1500+ plays to his tracks on SoundClick which has only been up for 2.5 months

- Dyverse has accomplished everything by himself through promotion online, demo's, and getting his name recognized

- Dyverse has also released a mixtape entitiled "Cashville's Newest Change To The Game" which sold well in the local market, and hyped up his buzz

- Under the "Artists" section on a huge internet radio site located at , where you can request his tracks

- Dyverse has 3 tracks on the up and comming DJ Butter's mixtape " Mouth Of The South " featuring Lil Flip, Young Buck, Master P, B.G, etc.

- Dyverse has an official all original/exclusive album dropping in August entitled "Struggles of Survivors", national distribution via Select-O-Hits, debut Album

- Dyverse featured under artists and has an exclusive interview on

- Dyverse has a feature and news section on

- Dyverse submitted the single "Old Schools and Big Bodies" to several internet radio stations and it is already on the top 10 list, and the ONLY independent artist to make the top 10

- Dyverse recently did another interview with a major hip hop site www.HipHop.Org, which will be featured on the site

- Dyverse started his own indy label "D-Day Records" which is under construction right now,

- Dyverse is one of Nashville's top 5 artists to come out of the city, within only 9 months of living there

- Dyverse just created a MySpace account on 8/23/05 ( his birthday ), for extra recognition. By August 26th, he already had over 150+ plays to his tracks

- Dyverse's debut album is online at, under the title "Struggles Of Survivors"

- Dyverse will be a Featured Artist on within the upcomming weeks. All material they needed was submitted already

- Dyverse will be featured in "The Hood Magazine" online as well. That will be up by the end of September.

- Dyverse will also be featured on as well, another large and well known hip hop site. That material has all been submitted as well.

- Dyverse is currently being asked to do drops for Mixtapes, Albums, Internet Radio, and Commercial Radio as well.

For more information on Dyverse check out his website at Dyverse Rap

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