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Too Short Free Prize Giveaway Including 13 Albums

Posted on October 24, 2006 by

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Hip Hop Reaction set up a prize giveaway contest. There will be 1 single winner who will win all 13 albums from Too $hort AND a poster. The albums are all listed below and will be sent directly to the winner.

To enter simply contact us with your name and mailing address in the 'message' section and select 'Contest Entry' as the subject.

1988: Life Is...Too $hort

1989: Born To Mack

1990: Short Dog's In The House

1992: Shorty The Pimp

1993: Get In Where You Fit In

1995: Cocktails

1996: Gettin' It

1999: Can't Stay Away

2000: You Nasty

2001: Chase The Cat

2002: What's My Favorite Word

2003: Married To Tne Game

2006: Blow The Whistle

And a fantastic poster which has been made up of small pictures to form a larger image of Too Short.

Too $hort is one of the pioneers of the West Coast hip hop sound. Initially, his first releases had raw and simple drum beats using a TR-808 or TR-909 drum machine. With his 1989 release, Life Is...Too $hort, he began infusing Funk and Blues sounds with his trademark beats giving birth to the Bay Area hip-hop sound known as Mobb music. While $hort's backing tracks have matured, his trademark rap style has changed little throughout his career - something $hort takes pride in both in songs and interviews.

In the early 1980s $hort produced custom raps for people with his high school friend, Freddie B[1]. In 1986, Too $hort and Freddie B. founded the Dangerous Music record label to distribute his music regionally. Dangerous Music has since changed names to Short Records ($hort Records), and now Up All Night Music.

Too $hort has released 16 albums to date, with his latest being Blow The Whistle which contains a newly released single, the title track "Blow the Whistle" (2006) In his 1996 release Gettin' It (Album 10) $hort claimed he was retiring, stating this was "the last album" in the title track. This retirement was short lived when he returned in 1999 releasing his album Can't Stay Away. Every album has included a picture of Too $hort on the cover, except the compilation albums.

He appeared on the hit "Player's Holiday" which appears on T.W.D.Y.'s (1999) debut album and Priority Records compilation "Nuthin But A Gangsta Party." After the appearances, he began working on his 11th album which was appropriately titled Can't Stay Away. The album included guest appearances by Eightball & MJG, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Puff Daddy (now P. Diddy), E-40, Daz Dillinger, Lil' Jon, Soopafly, Scarface and B-Legit, as well as well recognized verses by $hort himself. When he relocated to Atlanta in (1994), he began working with a more diverse variety of artists including Twista and Lil Jon.

In 1994, $hort relocated from Oakland to Atlanta, but he still represents his Oakland roots as on his 2003 record he has a track titled "California Girls." In addition, his "Blow the Whistle" music video, was made in Oakland. Along with his crafty appearances, $hort has been able to remain a prominent figure on the underground scene, a West Coast hero, and an overall legend by constantly updating and reinventing his sound. $hort has come from rapping over raw drum beats, through the G-funk era, through the Bay Area signature sound, and on his latest efforts, the crunk era. He guest appeared on his close friend Lil Jon's album and scored a hit record with the track "Bia Bia" along with Ludacris and Chyna White. He is often cited as the originator of the phrase "Bee-yatch" in hip-hop.

Too $hort is one of the few rappers to release 6 platinum solo albums in a row which puts him in select company. As stated on his track "These Are The Tales" off the "Chase The Cat" album: '6 platinums in a row Ice Cube and Cool J/ Who else did that shit, Short Dog from the Bay.'

Too $hort popularized (and possibly invented) the slang term 'biotch' on albums he released in the late 80's and early 90's.

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