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  • Created on : 24th June 2005
  • Specialist Field : Rapper
  • Last Modified : 2007-10-15
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bekay Talent

Once again "Brooklyn the Planet" has spit out another underground hip hop artist that represents the soul of the original streets and attitude of the East. The name "Bekay" will be forever implanted into the collective consciousness once people at large experience the depth of emotion exploding from the mind of this 24 year-old Jewish lyrical genius. His versatility and writing talents are impeccable and can not be denied. His story -- the view of a White Jewish kid straight out of Brooklyn - is just unfolding.

Bekay made an appearance on BET's "106th and Park" battle around February of 2002, which earned him more than just acceptance as an emcee by the black community. No small feat for a white kid trying breaking into a most difficult game. The predominantly black crowd cheered Bekay's clever and witty punch lines, as well as the skillful way he bested the previous champion who never saw it coming. And Bekay continues to flirt with greatness. He competed for a spot on this fall's airing of MTV's "Making the Band 2". Of over 50,000 hopefuls from seven major U.S. cities, he stood tall among the 30 finalists. It was actually a contractual obligation that stopped his lucky streak. However, he has been seen on the initial tapings of the show as he was a staff favorite at MTV. His relationship with MTV continues when he was chosen in May 2003 to compete in MTV's "MC Battle". This tryout consisted of over 1000 rappers, and Bekay was once again chosen as one of 27 finalists.

Bekay has collaborated with many hip hop heavyweights including Inpectah Deck and Dirt Mgirt (ODB) in Ol Dirty's last collaboration ever!!! Bekay has gotten airplay on NYC's largest stations HOT97 and Z100 . Sway of MTV regulalry spun Bekay's promos on the World famous "Morning Show". Bekay has also participated in numerous emcee battles throughout the East Coast, verbally stomping over any competition that comes in his path. He just recently won 1st place in New York's largest showcase competition at NYC's "Cheetah Club" held by A.J. of BET's 106th and Park. He has done numerous shows in Manhattan's top hip hop club SOB's, as well as Pyramid, CBGB's and The Knitting Factory. He is in no way shy when it comes to stage performances. "Paying dues is something I recognize as a part of hip hop" he states.

Just a little of a year ago, Bekay set up his website ( that has already received over 1,000,000 hits! This is highly impressive for an artist with no budget, promotion or label backing to attract such a large following. The guestbook speaks for itself, with entry after entry praising Bekay's lyrical and verbal prowess. His fan-base extends across the country from New York to California, and internationally, from Canada to Australia. He has sold about 15,000 CD's on his own. No small feet for an underground hiphop artists.

Bekay is a producer well as an emcee. He has various artists who he works with who use his beats to do their own songs. Bekay had done his time as a DJ for about seven years, but is now wholly focused his lyrics and songs. This Jewish white kid from Brooklyn personifies the changing definition of hip hop as someone very passionate about this culture and eager to let the world in on his story by any means necessary. The combination of this young man's drive, writing skills, delivery and determination is the recipe that will bring him Hip Hop industry success. With all the commercial and glitzy glamour of the music industry today, Bekay's only wish is to keep focused on the real prize, and to stay true to the art form that has become a definitive force in American culture. "Bekay" To put it simply: THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP BEGINS HERE!!!

Further Information

bEkAy has been plugging at the underground rap scene for years now. Out of CROOKLYN New York, he remains determined to rise to the top of this hip hop game despite the obstacles that come in his way. Although he has been compared to Eminem by many, he brings much more to the listener. His creativity is impeccable, matched by no other.

He is not only a sick battle emcee, but hits topics and ideas that haven't been touched on in today's hiphop scene. Bekay has appeared on BET's 106th and park, and proved he is a force to be reckoned with. He has been screwed, jerked, and led on by numerous management teams and label execs, only to be backstabbed time after time. He refuses to give in and is a driving force in today's hip hop world. THERE IS A WANT FOR THIS RAPPER, and he will continue to spit fire on the mic like no other until his words are heard! THE LONG AWAITED LP IS HERE! Bekay is "Hungry, Broke, + Determined"

Album Review - Hungry, Broke & Determined

An up and comin' artist being lyrically gifted as well as "Hungry Broke And Determined". This album features track to track of undeniable talent as Bekay holds such a strong vocal presence behind the mic.

The album includes a wide variety of styles and Bekay appears to perform well, despite whatever style he tries to convey and pursue. From the lyrically brilliant "Alphabet Assassination" as Bekay takes each letter of the alphabet in turn and rhymes mainly with that letter before proceeding onto the next letter. In some sense he does murder the alphabet and this track is an outlet to perform his true skill.

A different style to feature is on the track "Sick". A track which bekay uses to get things of his chest and clear his head and tell us what he is in fact sick of. You can almost feel his anger as he explodes on this track. The standout track for me personally is "Better For A Metaphor", sounding professional, with true lyrical skill, good flow and real creativity. This added to a similarly dope beat makes way for a classic track.

Bekay is best for his one liners, as he expresses his comical side, generating line after line of clever wordplay. From this album, I can more than recommend this artist and product. Bekay seems to have a bright future ahead of him and deserves a break to allow many more people and hip hop lovers to share his undeniable talent.

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Reaction Comments

Comment by EL-AYY, on 3rd June 2008

I cant rap, im no rapper but yall need to stop hating on dude..he is probably doing bigger and better things than the both of us put together. Thats dope. A jewish rapper.

Comment by shauntiana, on 5th September 2007

Stop haten on a playa! :?

Comment by kingsley, on 24th August 2007

I looking for good gir to freind so on trenst one she cotact on this email address;

Comment by AngryExcon, on 1st June 2007


Ain't no fresher talent than angry

Comment by siblingz, on 17th May 2007



Comment by lilboyblue, on 17th May 2007


Fuck becky

Comment by siblingz, on 17th May 2007


No game

Comment by siblingz, on 16th May 2007



Comment by Tall-order, on 15th May 2007

Bekay's a lyrical disaster...tall-order's the real syllable master words descended from meanings demented by demons tormented by ressentment 4 rellentless of reasons..........................

Comment by whizard, on 9th April 2007

Bosnianbig, you a real hater dude.

Comment by Clev PHI, on 26th March 2007

He probly won't ever read this but keep going you'll make it.

Comment by tupacliveson_20, on 8th October 2006

Bekay, i'm down man . I think you aight, you'll make it

Comment by bosnianbig, on 22nd February 2006

Man bekay ya rhymes is lame, u say u gangsta u aint runnin no game, u lookin at me true mc, sooner im gonna be da rappper ur gonna envy, when I step on da mic I make my rhymes spark, dont be actin all tough now, cuz u was on 106th & park. Yea wat up now

Comment by bosnianbig, on 20th February 2006

I think you should holla at me there are so many good mc not heard of and u think u da shit

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bekay Talent

Once again "Brooklyn the Planet" has spit out another underground hip hop artist that represents the soul of the original streets and attitude of the East. The name "Bekay" will be forever implanted into the collective consciousness once people at large experience the depth of emotion exploding from

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