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Vida Guerra Hip Hop Honey

  • Hip Hop Honey : Vida Guerra
  • Added on : 2nd September 2007
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Vida Guerra Hip Hop Honey


Nationality :: Cuban
Hair :: Brown
Eyes :: Brown
Height :: 5'3"
Weight :: 115
Bust :: 34C
Waist :: 25
Hips :: 37
Shoe Size :: 6
Skin :: Caramel
Languages :: English & Spanish


Vida Guerra, voted 26 in FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women in 2005 was born in Havana, Cuba. At age five Vida and her family arrived to the United States after escaping their country. Vida's career launched when she sent in a photo to FHM Magazine for their amateur contest. That is when everything exploded for the Cuban born latina raised in New Jersey.

In December 2002, Vida Guerra slammed onto the scene and into newsstands with overwhelming responses from fans all over the world. It was clear Vida was anything but an 'average' girl. She quickly established herself as one of the most exciting females in the modeling industry and has since been featured in numerous radio and television programs, magazines, commercials, music videos and most recently in the big screen. Be sure to look out for her in National Lampoon Presents: Dorm Daze II.

Her modeling career originally began when she was cast in a lingerie spread for FHM magazine in December of 2002. The magazine later reported that following the submission, almost one-third of their mail was from readers demanding more photos of the five-foot-three girl. She was called back for more photo shoots and became "FHM's Model of the Year" in 2004. Since then, she has been featured on the front cover as well as on the inside of many magazines, including DUB, Smooth, Escape, and Open Your Eyes (Abre Tus Ojos), and has made multiple appearances on several Spanish language television programs such as El Gordo y La Flaca (The Fat Man and the Skinny Woman). Vida has also become a staple in music videos, appearing in "Shake Your Tailfeather" (P. Diddy, Nelly and Murphy Lee, from the Bad Boys 2 soundtrack) and "The New Workout Plan" (Kanye West) among others. Additionally, she has appeared in Burger King's Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial, a couple of sketches on Chappelle's Show, like the infamous "Piss On You" videos (spoofing the infamous R. Kelly sex tape), and also appeared in the film National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2. Vida will be lending her voice to the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours.

In April 2005, in an event reminiscent of Paris Hilton's similar misfortunes with her mobile phone, Vida Guerra's camera phone was allegedly hacked. Dozens of her photos, including nude pictures as well as personal photos, were posted on the Internet and disseminated widely. Vida has since claimed that the nude body images were of another woman, and that they were presented along with actual non-nude camera phone images of herself to give the appearance that she was the naked woman pictured.

Vida was recently voted Number 26 in F.H.M's "Top 100 Sexiest Females" list and is twice the winner of the magazine's "Best Butt" Award. To capitilize on this fame, Guerra has made her own calendar, featuring more pictures of her. Like many pictures of her, her voluptuous butt is emphasised. Guerra also appears on Primped, produced by GoTV Networks, where Vida helps three "average" women become "primped".

Despite choosing to not pose nude in the past, Guerra appeared fully nude in the July 2006 issue of Playboy. She said that she had agreed to pose partly because she felt that they would do it with class, and partly because, due to the hacked phone incident, she wanted people to know what she really looked like naked, and not confuse her with some other woman.

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Reaction Comments

Comment by blondehippy, on 5th December 2010

Beautiful bum

Comment by chrisman1519, on 26th August 2009

That is a nice little outfit on u. Wish I could be that thong!

Comment by Lil\' Best, on 26th August 2009

Hey girl, what part of heaven were you made. Cuz u're one of de mmost beautiful babes on earth. Woooooow I like that posture.

Comment by Lil\' Best, on 26th August 2009

Hey girl, what part of heaven were you made. Cuz u're one of de mmost beautiful babes on earth. Woooooow I like that posture.

Comment by luis mvuna, on 6th July 2009

So beatful ass I ever see. May ur guy enjoy a lot

Comment by husla, on 10th December 2008

U fine

Comment by Chris Paul, on 4th December 2008


;) ;) datz some azz 4 me

Comment by C-LADD, on 27th November 2008

Damn, she tight to the bone!!!! ;)

Comment by Big b, on 20th November 2008

You are hot

Comment by biggest boss, on 27th October 2008

Daaaaaadats bigaamn

Comment by trewawn, on 25th June 2008

Damnshe going on :p

Comment by adam, on 30th May 2008

Dude I would do her so hard

Comment by adam, on 30th May 2008

Dude I would do her so hard

Comment by eyobgizachew, on 28th April 2008

That ass izzzzzzzzz off da sizzel

Comment by c-dub-00, on 28th April 2008

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Comment by F2_DJ, on 2nd April 2008

:p boaaaaaaa guerra muito boa!!! :d :d :d

Comment by homeboi010, on 31st March 2008

Woweee!!!! i wish she could holla at a nigga.

Comment by pandorasbox264@, on 14th March 2008

ooooooooh vidaaaaaaaaa

Comment by free2b_fly, on 18th February 2008

I'm sure she prolly has a great personality :d .

Comment by capitol1979, on 27th December 2007

Ohh my damn!!! I would luv 2 put alotta dick n her.. ;)

Comment by Carrie Marolf, on 7th December 2007

God dam I havent seen a ass that nice in along time :p

Comment by mcheardman, on 3rd December 2007

All I got say is, damn

Comment by sexmachine, on 26th November 2007

Nice ass!!! Damn!!

Comment by reptile, on 1st November 2007

:p fuck yeah this is a nice ass

Comment by danda, on 1st November 2007

She aint that sexy,she is below pussy juice

Comment by jj_jimbeam, on 16th October 2007

That is how u say it bro

Comment by wmoton, on 24th September 2007


Man, look at all dat azz!!

Comment by Arni3, on 19th September 2007

Vida has 1 of the best ass's in the industry and the rest of her is body bumping too!!! 8)

Comment by shauntiana, on 6th September 2007

Thats discusting! :? :?

Comment by HHR, on 2nd September 2007


Testing comments for the lovely vida. :p

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