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Hip Hop Reaction Jobs

At Hip Hop Reaction we are always on the look out for people to join our team to improve our reach and standard of content which we can provide.

If you are skilled in any of the areas specified then please get in touch with us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

All staff are currrently voluntary but you will appear in the about section of Hip Hop Reaction and be able to boost your portfolio.


Experiences writers are key to the success of any website. If you wish to write for the site with articles, news features or even your own column please contact us with some previous examples of you work and your availability and any further necessary information.


Would you like to submit your personal reviews for the latest hip hop albums? If so, contact us with a few examples and we will decide if your reviews are acceptable. Please also tell us how many you can submit and also ensure to rate album reviews out of 5.


Do you attend hip hop conventions and backstage shows? Do you have access to the stars in the hip hop world or underground hip hop artists? If so, and you would like to conduct some interviews either, audio or textual then contact us. There is also the opportunity for us to specify the artist to interview and you compile the questions.


Know your way around photoshop? Able to make wallpapers and banners? If so, please submit a few examples, as we are looking for as many unique hip hop wallpapers as possible. If you think you can make a banner to promote Hip Hop Reaction then we would be grateful for those also.


This site would be nowhere without some form of promotion. Anyone can get involved in this either posting a link on your own site, other sites and forums or passing on the site name to people you know. If you would like to be a main promoter and market the site on a more advanced level then please contact us with your proposals.

To contact us directly you can email us at the following address:

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