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2 source employees arrested and charged

Posted on July 25, 2005 by


Two employees of the source magazine have been charged with attempted murder after they shot at three men following a confrontation leaving the limerick house, a manhattan night club.

The incident took place directly opposite the street from the magazines own headquarters early saturday (july 23). Both men were consequently arrested.

According to the boston herald, leroy peeples and alvin childs, president and marketing director at the magazine, became infuriated after an employee refused to play hip hop music.

Following this somewhat minor dispute, peeples and childs fired on three men, shooting one victim in the head leaving him critically injured, while two others were shot in the arm and torso.

"the both of them were at the club and there was a shooting. They both were in crowd and the crowd dispersed," their lawyer, mel sachs, told the boston herald. "there weren't any weapons found on either of them or in close proximity to them. Both of them adamantly deny their involvement in the shooting."

both men were expected to make bail sunday, which was set at $200,000 each with at least $25,000 to be posted in cash, according to their attorney.

This case is scheduled to go to court this friday.

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