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50 Cent Benefit Concert A Success At Six Flags

Posted on August 31, 2009 by


Despite 50 cent being declined clearance for his Family Day in Queen's 40 Projects; he still managed to host a benefit concert on Saturday for the pupils of New York's PS-30. The invitation only event was held at New Jersey's Six Flags, where 50 Cent stressed the importance of reaching out to young kids from South Jamaica, living in the Queen's area.

"I want to thank everyone for getting on the buses and coming out," 50 stated. "I was trying to do something good. When I was small Great Adventures (Six Flags) was a big thing to me. So I wanted to make sure I brought kids so they could have that same experience."

The event was a huge success, but overshadowed in 50's view by the reluctance of the New York police to hold a Family Day over fears of violence.

"When I tried to do it in the hood like everyone else would do it, everyone is like '50 Cent don't come through the hood.' But all of them don't get a chance to see me when I come through," 50 stated. "And they be like 'we don’t see 50.' You don't see me because I'm usually somewhere where I'm not trying to be seen. Everybody look right there…that's the motherf**king police. Them motherf**kers follow me everywhere I go. Y’know why? Because I'm from Southside! While everybody looking f**k the police!"

50 cent is planning to make the benefit concert an annual event, and indicated that his fourth album, Before I Self-Destruct, will be ready to release on November 3rd.

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Comment by Kedo, on 26th September 2009

Its good to remember where ur from n give back

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