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50 Cent Set To Tour Zimbabwe

Posted on January 20, 2009 by


50 cent is concluding details which will see him embark on a tour of Zimbabwe.

Despite the nation suffering in terms of public health and living conditions, they have remained positive on attracting popular music artists, including 50 cent and Beyonce, in an effort to stabilise foreign tourism.

Tongai Mnangagwa, a representative of LongCash Entertainment, suggests 50 is using the your as a tourist trip.

"He indicated to us that besides the show, he would love to visit some of our top tourist destinations," Mnangagwa told the Herald newspaper. "He will spend at least three days in country."

50 cent has visited many African countries, including Nigeria in 2004, whilst last year he managed to tour Tanzania and South Africa.

The tour is set to commence approximately a month following the release date of 50's new album, which is expected to be released on 3rd February.

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