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50 Cent targets a complete take over

Posted on October 22, 2005 by


50 Cent aims to again strengthen his roster for G-Unit even following signing experienced New York acts in Mase, Mobb Deep and M.O.P. 50 Cent still isn't entirely satisfied and is looking to dominate the industry.

These are busy times for 50 with an up and coming film/soundtrack album, (?Get Rich or Die Trying-The Motion Picture?) and following the release of his recent book, (?From Pieces to Weight?) 50 went on the radio in the UK to speak about his future intentions and aspirations.

"We getting ready to do something so big," 50 claimed during an interview with Tim Westwood from BBC?s Radio 1 Rap Show. "We are already making up 70% of the black music at Interscope. Eventually, we're just gonna move over, create our own radio staff and everything else -- just move away from it and be the [next] Def Jam."

So, how does 50 plan on doing this? Well, he?s starting by announcing the newest member and plans for some more. Will Kool G. Rap, Beanie Siegel and Lil? Scrappy be in G-Unit? During the interview, 50 also said, "I'm entertaining the idea of Kool G Rap; we talked and had conversations. Beanie Sigel, we talked to Beanie. [And] Lil' Scrappy is coming over to G-Unit."

Other new additions within the company will take a higher seat and be given more control and authority. 50 announced "You'll be seeing, probably Mase moving into a corporate position. You'll see Prodigy and Havoc start signing new artists 'cause they are really experienced artists. In the A&R department, can't nobody A&R better than the actual artists."

His film, ?Get Rich or Die Trying? which features Terrence Howard is expected to reach the theatres on November 9th. The film's soundtrack, containing various songs from G-Unit soldiers like Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, M.O.P. and others will be released one day prior on November 8th.

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Comment by lilboyblue, on 18th May 2007



Comment by dash, on 18th April 2007

I like fact that he takes those promising artists to greater hights and live a dream life for all of us.

Comment by tupacliveson_20, on 8th October 2006

50 is an inspiration to everyone out there, hes strong as hell and he's got some real good points in his music.

Comment by bosnianbig, on 1st March 2006

I think 50 is one of da best ight now and he should keepin on doin what hes doin

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