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50 cent drops out of live 8 performance

Posted on June 16, 2005 by


50 cent has confirmed that he will not be playing at the live 8 performance in philadelphia. The rappers publicist has mentioned that the performance overlaps with 50's current film role in 'get rich or die trying, set in toronto.

Despite removing himself from the artist line-up, there have been a few further additions to the philadelphia listing.

To join the likes of will smith, bon jovi, jay-z, kaiser chiefs, maroon 5, p. Diddy, rob thomas, sarah mclachlan and the dave matthews band will be the new additions of linkin park and also the soon to break-up destiny's child.

The man behind the event, bob geldof has scheduled 5 simultaneous concerts on july 2nd to raise the issues and to generate some funds for african debt relief.

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