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50 to make a video for EACH album track

Posted on August 2, 2005 by


Prior to The Massacre's re-release, 50 Cent has came up with an original yet exhausting concept for any artist to attempt on any one album. Looking to claim some extra recognition through recent big name signings to his label, (M.O.P. and Mobb Deep), 50 will produce a video for EVERY track on the album!

This may influence buyers of the first album to buy it yet again, to be able to see the huge additions and exclusives.

The CD is due out September 6th, and will include a video for each song, and also a remix track involving Mobb Deep.

50 hopes that his videos will help his fans to understand and appreciate his thoughts during each track which he has made. A unique idea which has never even been thought of before, is sure to bring in some extra publicity.

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Comment by Xplizit, on 5th August 2005


Well I think that its a tall order for 50 to fill. Personally I would have spent the time creating and thinking of new lyrics rather than making a video for each track on the album. :p

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