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A tribe called quence 1995 2004

Posted on June 19, 2005 by


While the world has been patiently awaiting the release of his commercial debut, consequence will once again appease his core fans with the innovative re-mixtape cd entitled ?a tribe called quence 1995-2004.? ?for me atcquence is not just a mix tape, it's an audio photo album!,? quence states emphatically of the conceptual piece that allows the revisionist to venture back into the golden era of hip hop while simultaneously looking into
hip hop?s future. ?when I was sending out the acappellas to all the different producers who worked on the project, I couldn't help but think back to the good times I had recording with tip,phife & ali,? reminisces cons. Separating this project from the rest of the mixtapes on the market is the exercise in
creativity by all involved, specifically the producers, as it was the daredevil, genre redefining musicianship that set a tribe called quest apart. States cons, ?i?m blessed because there were so many producers willing to lend there time & expertise because they knew the importance & impact that this project would have.? expounding on the point is contributing boardsmith and longtime collaborator 88 keys who adds, ?it was a great opportunity to have
worked with 'quence back in the day and an even greater pportunity to work with him now. Touching on his classics was like a dream come true.?

for those unfamiliar with consequence?s storied past, while still a high school student, he became a prot?g? of one of the most creative musical forces ever assembled, a tribe called quest. Since entering the fold in 1996 on the ?beats,rhymes and life? album, consequence had managed to leave his imprint on the groups legacy. In the years to follow, consequence worked diligently on his craft, establishing his identity as an emcee separate from a tribe called quest. The prolific artist emerged with several mixtapes: the cons vol. 1: all sales are final , the cons vol. 2: make the game come to you and take em to the cleaners as well as a scene-stealing verse on ?spaceship? from the kanye west multi platinum cd the college dropout. Those stellar works has led us to where we are now; with consequence using summer 2005 as a spring board to stardom. With hot verses about to sprout on features with andre 3000 on the q-tip single ?sexy,? kanye west and cam?ron on ?gone? from the highly anticipated late registration and his lead single ?clockin? my style? laying the perfect foundation for his good music/ sony debut ?don?t quit your
day job,? it?s imperative that you take your journey with consequence from the very beginning. A tribe called quence is the jumpoff.

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