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Akon Exaggerates Criminal Past According To Source

Posted on April 17, 2008 by


Street credibility and a gangster background are often glorified by hip hop artists, and many artists within the hip hop genre are exaggerating their own claims in order to appear more thuggish, hoping that this will push their album sales up. Many have been questioned over the authenticity of their claims, the latest being Akon.

Akon has described his criminal nature and background in detail after his emergence to fame, including stories of arrests, year's captive in prison and car chases. Akon told in a recent interview that he ran a car theft operation which targeted Porsches, Mercedes and Lamborghinis. Akon also told of his four chop shops that he ran and of his numerous run-ins with police. Just as things were going well, his friends betrayed him resulting in what Akon described as a three year prison sentence where he" fought almost every day for two years", and then became one of the most respected inmates. has since reported that many of Akon's stories are either fictional or exaggerated to extreme lengths. His first single 'Locked Up' proved a success, and the entire song was based on his 'difficult prison sentence'. has confirmed that he does in fact have priors, but none of which can be paralleled to the stories he has told. His record includes a single felony conviction for gun possession, which he pleaded guilty to and was sentenced to three years probation.

The single arrest occurred in 1998, which led to him being held for a few months, and not the three years as he has since claimed. The charges were dropped soon after. Akon told VH1 in February, this year, that he was notorious for car-jacking and this led to his three year stint in prison. The recent supports which have surfaced indicate that Akon was charged with gun possession and receiving stolen property -- but was freed after posting a $3500.

Akon was again caught by police driving the stolen BMW and was pulled over without incident. The bond was set at $20,000 which could not be met, so Akon spent five months in prison before the charges were dropped, according to police reports. Akon seemed to remember the incident quite differently, stating in a recent DVD interview that he was "going up 78 headed toward DeKalb" when he was surrounded by police cars. When he was finally stopped after a high-speed chase, officers -- with their weapons drawn -- ordered him out of the car, and "locked me up."

Akon told yet another version of he story in a 2006 Rolling Stone interview. "That's the slowest car in the whole fleet... I'd been in high-speed pursuits before and always got away, but this time I didn't because the car was too slow. I didn't even want that car; it was a favour to someone else. And I wound up getting locked up for three years."

Police have also mentioned that the car might not have actually been stolen by Akon himself. When an FBI Agent involved in the case was asked about Akon's 'theft business', he responded.

"Ah, this is bullsh**," he told TSG. "This guy is so phony. He's an arrogant SOB... I don't think he had any role besides [wanting] to drive a high-dollar vehicle. And I say this because we didn't link him to any other cars."

So from these reports, according to Akon has fabricated and exaggerated much of his criminal background, but how will this affect his future album sales?

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Comment by chrisgurl01, on 25th April 2008

Dis is also my baby

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Cool but were can I see the videos :d

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