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Americas Top White Rapper To Be Declared

Posted on June 17, 2006 by


VH1 and the team behind Americas next top model, are joining forces to find the best Caucasian rapper on a new tv series.

Despite the fact that few white rappers make it to the big scene, the series is hopeful that they can produce another Eminem-like phenomenom.

The comedy-reality show will consist of 12 contestants, who will put all their skills to the test in each of the one hour episodes. The potential stars will have to battle, freestyle and fight there way to the top of the pile and also prove their street credit and respect.

The show will be launched in early 2007, and will be hosted by white rapper Michael MC Search Berrin, who will declare the winner and the prize of $100,000.

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Comment by Master E, on 19th July 2006


I think it would be cool cauz there arent alot of with rappers

Comment by dopederrick, on 21st June 2006


Lol I dont know what 2 think about this

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