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Big Case Recommences With New Detectives

Posted on August 2, 2006 by


A new squad of Homicide detectives have been put in place to investigate the BIG murder case further in an effort to finally pinpoint those involved. If new evidence is brought to light, then LA Police officers's claims that they were entirely innocent of all accusations can be confirmed.

BIG(Christopher Wallace) was gunned down 9 nine years ago and the hope of finding the culprits has been decreasing with time. He and 2Pac's murders shook the hip hop world and there has been endless speculation on the true events of both murders, since to this day, no one has been convicted of either murder.

The potential leads that will be explored by this new regime include Suge Knight hiring a gang to slay the rapper and also a member of the Southside Crips gang, prompted by 2Pac's death.

The new investigations include interviews with associative gang members and analysing various video tape coverage and a $50,000 incentive to anyone who can lead them to an overdue conviction.

All those accused of participation in the murder that we know of, Knight and a former LAPD officer, have both denied all claims.

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