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Bone Thugs To Record With K Fed

Posted on February 18, 2009 by


Bone Thugs N Harmony have recorded with many of the great rap pinoeers including Biggy and Tupac Shakur, but now they have decided to collaborate with a different level of hip hop artist, namely K-Fed.

Layzie Bone explained the reasons for working with K-Fed;

"It's gonna be viewed and doubted by a lot of people," Layzie stated. "As Bone Thugs N Harmony with a brand new platform, we're coming to show everybody what type of real hitmakers we are. We're gonna make a multi-platinum album and party with the paparazzi. We coming to prove y'all wrong TMZ! Kevin Federline is gonna be platinum when Bone Thugs N Harmony is done with him."

K-Fed replies in an optimistic manner;

"I appreciate these guys coming and looking at this project for what it is," K-Fed stated. "All I really want to do is make music."

LT Hutton, who is producing the first track, revealed the vibe of the new song;

"We got a song we're about to do called 'Paparazzi music," Hutton verified. "It's a soundtrack for when you're chasing people down."

K-Fed's new album may also receive production from Thin C and HC The Chemist, as he continues to build connections.

No release dates have been set, as of press time.

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