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Brothers in arms dvd release

Posted on July 9, 2005 by


Jean-claude la marre and the warning/nu-lite films company present ?brothers in arms?, available nationwide on dvd july 26th, 2005 through sony pictures home entertainment.

This shoot-?em-up epic combines extensive conflict with affluent suspense, making it a must see for fans of any action genre.
A revisionist western, ?brothers in arms? is illustrated realistically from the minds eye of director jean-claude la marre. Featuring david carradine (?kill bill?, ?kung-fu?), gabriel casseus (?blackhawk down?, ?fallen?), and antwon tanner (?coach carter?, ?never die alone?), these stars join up with the likes of kenya moore (?cloud nine?, ?deliver us from eva?), kurupt (multi-platinum recording artist,?dark blue?), and raymond cruz (?collateral damage?, ?training day?). The battle lines have been drawn and it?s time for the brothers to get their arms!


set in the mid-1860s, director jean-claude la marre's highly imaginative tale chronicles the exploits of a group of bandits planning an audacious bank robbery in a lawless new mexico town. But their scheme hits a snag when they encounter a gritty female sheriff, a vicious bounty hunter and a conniving cattle baron.

The dvd is due out nationwide on july 26th.

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