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Busta Rhymes Verdict Reached By Judge

Posted on March 19, 2008 by


A judge has declared sentence on Busta Rhymes following his assault on a fan and his former driver back in 2006. Busta has been sentenced to three years probation, and also, according to Associated Press 10 days of community service, a $1250 fine, court costs and compulsory enrolment in a drunken driving program. Busta pleaded guilty to assault charges, two driving infractions and also weapon possession. This came part of a plea deal to prevent him from entering prison.

As of Tuesday 18th March he began his sentence, under clear instruction by the judge that failure to abide by the conditions would result in prison time. "I have no problem being a good dude because that's what I am," Busta told reporters located outside the courtroom. The charges originated from incidents where he allegedly assaulted a fan that had reportedly spat on his car, assaulting his driver, Larry Hackett later that year and for driving under a suspended license whilst inebriated.

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