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Busta refusing to talk but may be forced

Posted on February 24, 2006 by


Police and prosecutors in New York say if Busta Rhymes continues to refuse to talk about the murder of his bodyguard, they will send Busta before a grand jury in an effort to make him talk. Busta has not talked to police since the murder of his bodyguard Israel Ramirez at his video shoot earlier this month in Brooklyn.

Police commissioner Raymond Kelly has become frustrated in the investigation, saying nobody has come forth with any details to assist in the matter. He said if they continue to refuse to talk, they could face either contempt charges or a perjury charge. Busta Rhymes has said public ally that he has remorse over the incident, but also promised to take care of Ramirez family.

Kelly said he could not understand why Busta would not come forth with details to the murder of a trusted employee of his. Kelly also said you would think Busta would come running to police to provide them with information to capture the killer.

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