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Canadian Label DoggSide Recordz Release

Posted on November 24, 2005 by


Canadian label DoggSide Recordz are releasing their compilation "DoggSide Recordz: Ghetto Platnum" on December 9th. The project is in english and french and features 6 DoggSide recordz artist: SpeakOnce (English), Nova (French), Docteur (French), Fo-Real (English), Guileman (English), and Red Dogg (Créole), and outside affilliates Hyde (French), Magicall (Créole), B.Bunny (French and english singer).

"We took 2 years working on this album and now it’s finally done. First on December 11th 2004 DoggSide Recordz as released a mix tape with 17 songs. This mix tape was special and original because we never had those American beats that everybody is putting on a mix tape. Every beat was original and made by us and due to the huge popularity of the mix tape, we’ve changed the songs to better one and made an album out of it. Now we are releasing the album on December 9th 2005.", says DoggSide producer Guileman.

Tracklist: (Some tracks can be listened to from within our multimedia section)

01- SpeakOnce – Speak (Produced by Realize)
02- SpeakOnce & Guileman - Listen Up (Produced by Guileman)
03- SpeakOnce, Red Dogg & Guileman - Straight Walkin' (Produced by Guileman)
04- SpeakOnce & Red Dogg - Rap Game (Produced by Kernalz)
05- Fo-Real & SpeakOnce - Underground Basis (Produced by Guileman)
06- SpeakOnce & Docteur - That's Wassup (Produced by Realize)
07- Nova - 10 sur 10 (Produced by Kernalz)
08- Docteur feat. B.Bunny - Ne Lâche Pas Le Combat (Produced by Guileman)
09- Hyde - Biz Impec (Produced by Kernalz)
10- SpeakOnce & Docteur - Intro Deuce (Produced by Kernalz)
11- Nova – Fiesta (Produced by Guileman)
12- Magicall, SpeakOnce, Red Dogg & Nova - Doggside Riddim (Produced by Magicall)
13- Girl in a club (skit)
14- Guileman & SpeakOnce - What's the Problem? (Produced by Guileman)
15- SpeakOnce & Nova - CIBL 101.5 FM (Produced by Guileman)
16- SpeakOnce & Guileman – Collaboration (Produced by Guileman)
17- Guileman - Jesus My Saviour (Produced by Guileman)
18- *Bonus Track* - Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Produced by Guileman)

Executive producers on the album are Guileman, SpeakOnce and Red Dogg

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