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Canibus releases album Def Con Zero

Posted on November 30, 2005 by


Returning from a short absence, Canibus is back creating music with his latest album entitled, Def Con Zero, a collaboration with Phoenix Orion as Cloak-N-Dagga.

“I spent my teen years learning my craft, how to rhyme and translate the information I was seeing and feeling into poetry,” Canibus said. “The kinds of songs I wrote in my adolescent years, I mastered in my 20s. The album is mature, like my indie album Mic Club from a few years back, but reflects all of the life experiences I had in the army as part of the Stryker Brigade. The 19 tracks summarize all of my experiences.”

This release is Canibus's first release from Head Trauma Records. Despite being his latest album he assures us that he has returned to his most recent material to compile this entire album. This goes back prior to, Mic Club, his first album.
“I’m implying that we as a society are very much at the end of our rope, at the edge of a cliff looking over,” he says. “There will be an after, but right now we’re on the edge. On the more personal and artistic side, Def Con Zero is my attempt to make an album for my fans that would remind them of the more hardcore, uncensored style of rap music I made before I made my first album for MCA."

There will be guest apperances from the likes of Kool G. Rap, Free (106 & Park), K-Solo, Zookeepa amongst others.

“Def Con Zero shows once again my allegiance to and the integrity of my music,” Canibus continued. “What pleases me is that it falls in line with the technical strength and lyrical dexterity of my best work. The DVD is also the first of its kind for a rap project, so that’s exciting as well.”

Def Con Zero is available to buy in stores now.

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