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Cashis Defends Eminem By Threatening Royce Da 5 9

Posted on February 28, 2008 by


Cashis, recording artist with Shady Records, has leaked an interview video in which he clearly physically threatens Royca Da 5'9 for making derogatory comments towards Shady Records founder, Eminem.

Cashis repeatedly threatens that he will "beat the sh-- out of him" when he meets him in person, for calling Eminem a "white cracker."

"You spoke on [Eminem]. You called my man a white cracker and you can't take that back," Cashis said in the video. "So I'm not going to go line for line with you, even though I will burn your bitch ass. When I see you, I'm going to beat the sh-- out of you."

The rapper proclaimed that the comments were not intended to cause a hip hop beef or rivalry, or to raise untoward recognition, but simply to voice his intent.

"To all my fans out there and the people that aren't my fans... I'm not starting a beef," he explained. "I'm really not trying to begin a hip-hop beef. This man called my boss, my brother, a person that saved my life that saved my children... a cracker."
Cashis is expected to release his debut release on Shady Records, entitled Loose Cannon in the first quarter of 2008, but as of yet no official release date has been set. His latest mix-tape, The Leak, has been leaked across the Internet with a number of new joints.

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