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Dame Dash Recruits Michael Admani

Posted on January 7, 2007 by


The industry's newest record executive has a new boss. Michael Admani, known as rapper Anonymous, has teamed up with Dame Dash and Lil' Shawn to help run day to day assignments for Dame Dash' Music Division. Under his alter ego Anonymous, Admani moved more independent units in a six year career than most underground legends like Papoose and Paul Wall.

When asked how he felt about the opportunity to assist Dame Dash Enterprises, he said; "It's good to be in the presence of Dame and to see his loyalty. Even down to the way he treats my mother. That man is in a class by himself. We've been dubbed the underdogs and that's just the position I want to be in." Admani has been successfully self-employed since 2001. Besides Dame Dash Enterprises he will still be running his company AMG Enterprises, which offers distribution to hundreds of retail locations, including Itunes and Ringtones.

Lastly he was asked about his stance on Dame's strained relationship with Jay-Z. "That's none of my business. They (Dame and Jay-Z) have a special moment in history that no one could ever erase. I will never diss that man, because they became rich together. I'm the new blood. Dame's already a multi-millionaire and I'm here to help make him a billionaire. All while making myself a multi-millionaire."

While kicking off 2007 in style with his new assignments, Admani is ready to add another year to a period of six successful years in the industry. "For 2007, bet on Dame and bet on black! Were independent and we're putting majors out of business!"

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