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Dead Prez Concert Results In Riot And Flip Cop Car

Posted on February 17, 2008 by


On Friday 15th February a concert which featured Dead Prez resulted in mass riots including the overturning of a cop car following the performance.

The damage is expected to be approximately $30,000, in which The Olympian reports that the riots were a consequence of a fight that occurred initially inside the College Recreation Center.

At 1:30am a female police officer was called to the event's disturbance and proceeded to arrest what was seen as the main offender and placed in the back of her cop car. Following this arrest, other attendees were questioning the arrest and taunting the officer, leading to causing a blockade to prevent the car from being driven away.

The man was later released after the officer had called for back up fearing her own safety and the safety of others.

Officers who arrived later suffered throwing of rocks, garbage cans and bottles, and also having their guns grabbed from them. To add to the officer's misery, technical problems prevented their car from moving away.

"The car was attacked," Kessler, State Patrol Trooper said, adding that at one instance people were smashing the car, writing graffiti on the exterior and more alarmingly toppling the car over onto its roof.

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