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Dmx Home Raid Rescues 12 Pitbulls

Posted on August 26, 2007 by


DMX's home has been raided and 12 pit bulls rescued. According to TMZ, several weapons were also found during the raid which revealed more than initially expected.

DMX has been closely watched by police officials over the past few years and only now have they made their move in an attempt to alleviate the alleged problems.

DMX has been reported for his cruelty to animals ever since 2002, when X pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in NJ for allegedly neglecting 14 pit bulls. His punishment involved making announcements to promote the awareness of animal cruelty.

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Comment by Lilwaynewifey09, on 17th October 2007

People just arent aware of there surroundings thats all.. :(

Comment by shauntiana, on 5th September 2007

I got some pits to!

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