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Eminem Files Motion To Stop Wife Bad Mouthing Him

Posted on March 24, 2007 by


March 26th will see Eminem attend court as he files a motion to prevent his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, from publicly bad mouthing him.

Detroit News has reported that Eminem recently field a motion in an effort to silence ex-wife Kim Mathers from making further "derogatory, disparaging, inflammatory and otherwise negative comments" about him publicly. Eminem believes that such comments could impact their daughter, Hailie, and has decided to put a lid on any possible negative outcomes.

"For girls in the 11 to 14 age range, personal embarrassment is one of their most powerful and painful emotions. If by some chance the child missed a particularly pungent insult about her father by her mother, it is all but certain that her friends and her friends parents are aware of it and that it will be shared with her. This Court must enter an order to protect the child from further harm by requiring that (Kim) desist from any further behavior likely to expose the minor child to humiliation and hostility," the court document reads.

Kim has recently appeared on a number of interview shows, where she has taken the stance of ridiculing her ex-husband, which she feels at liberty to do in a response to endless comments made about her on Eminem's records.

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