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Eminem and Kim married again

Posted on January 16, 2006 by


Despite previous angst between Eminem and ex wife Kimberly, both were married again on Saturday January 14th in Rochester, Michigan.

50 Cent, D-12 amongst an array of other celebrities attended the extravagant ceremony at Meadow Brook Hall, a 110-room mansion.

Proof was best man, while Hailie Jade was the maid of honor. Eminem walked down the aisle in a black tuxedo, while the bride wore white.

They walked, almost predictable, to a piano version of Eminem’s song “Mockingbird,”.

Obie Trice and various G-Unit members were also present. Despite the celebrities in attendance, less than 100 people in total attended the wedding.

The couple were originally married in 1999, but lasted only 2 years, when the divorce was filed. Custody of Hailie Jade, was an on going battle and now it looks like this is one battle that Eminem will be happy to let go.

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Comment by Geavana, on 22nd April 2006

I agree with bosnianbig because that is true and hes just to dumb to see that she hasn't really changed. I think she just wants him for his money. But yeah I hope he don't let that psycho (kim) ruin his singing career cause he is on my top 10!!!!!!!

Comment by bosnianbig, on 22nd February 2006

I think its stupid cause he made a diss song about her and she cheatedon him at a bar and hes dating her again

Comment by Slucky, on 19th January 2006

Bad decision, I say.

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