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Eminem to help out with a bang

Posted on June 26, 2005 by


Despite eminem's prolonged success, he still remains more than willing to help out the community from which raised him.

The star has agreed to help raise funds for the detroit firework display for the annual july 4th celebration.

"the fireworks are a big part of summertime in detroit, and I want to support them and the mayor," eminem mentioned in a statement. "i've come downtown to watch them since I was a kid, and i'll get involved in something that helps the city any way I can."

the mayor, kilpatrick, was close to being forced to abandon the performance before he decided to contact eminem to try and support the cause and turn it into a success.

"i thought he'd be the perfect draw," kilpatrick told the detroit news. "every time I talk to em, his thing is always, 'whatever I can do to help the city.' so this is a great opportunity for him and the city, as well."

june 29th will see eminem perform a single song to open the event. This will hopefully draw in visitors and organisers are now confident that they will sell enough tickets to cover the high costs of the fireworks.

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