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Encore may be the final word by eminem

Posted on July 17, 2005 by


Eminem, according to reports, may be coming to the end of his rap career to concentrate primarily on production along with some other smaller ventures much like his compatriot, dr dre.

The detroit free press reported that mather?s latest album encore will be his last release.

Paul rosenberg, eminem?s manager, stated that encore was ?certainly the cap on this part of his career? and that decision to retire was put slightly on hold by the retirement of fellow hip-hop superstar, jay-z.

?He didn't want to seem like one of those guys who's playing a trick on his fans, or playing with their heads," rosenberg told the detroit free press. "It's part of the same struggle he goes through in his music -- 'how much of my inner thinking should I be putting out there?'?

Rosenberg also mentioned that he was surprised no one had been expecting this annoucement due to several clues in his previous album. Eminem feels he has accomplished everything he can and insider reports show that he may be having some difficulty continuing under his eminem alias.

?Em has definitely gotten to the level where he feels like he's accomplished everything he can accomplish in rap," d-12 member proof added. "he wants to kick back and get into the producing thing."

Eminem is not doing interviews this summer, having a break from the game, perhaps to prepare for his retirement announcement.

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