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Evidence Emerges Into The Death Of Tupac Shakur

Posted on March 17, 2008 by


Almost 15 years since Tupac Shakur suffered his first shooting, in what materialized as an attempted robbery inside a Recording Studio, new information and evidence has emerged which links Diddy to the gunmen.

In what is to be broadcast as a presentation delivered over the Web, writer for the LA Times Chuck Philips, will break down events of the 1994 shooting which ultimately lead to both the murders of Tupac himself and Notorious B.I.G. FBI files and individual interviews of witnesses in the studio at the time of the shooting will be brought to light, allegedly supporting Pac's conjecture that Diddy was pulling the strings. Philips confirms that Diddy knew Pac was entering a trap, yet done nothing to divert him elsewhere.

The presentation will also name another two key figures behind the attack -Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond, owner of Czar Entertainment, and James "Jimmy" Sabatino. Sabatino, according to this new information, told Diddy that Tupac was about to be attacked - and following the incident the bond between the three men strengthened.

Diddy was allegedly introduced to various mobsters and mafia related nightclubs in both Miami and New York, and Diddy in response introduced them both to his entourage. As the friendship between Diddy and Sabatino strengthened further, Diddy invited him onto his No Way Out tour in 1997 where Sabatino allegedly splashed out on a luxury lifestyle at the expense of Diddy's people.

Sabatino was arrested in London and extradited to the States where he was imprisoned. Philips discovered these new pieces of the puzzle whilst investigating the B.I.G. murder in more detail. The presentation to be released is expected to include photographs, characters, confidential document copies, lyrics, audio and an event timeline.

The story will be available on, and Philips will hold a discussion with visitors to the site the following day.

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