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Free Redrock Campaign Builds Buzz From Behind Bars

Posted on April 19, 2006 by


When it comes to timing, the multi-talented rap duo REDROCK always seem to be right beneath the surface of super stardom. A break-out debut single, major label interest, and a finished record will all have to wait for the group to pay their debt to society first.

For 80 and WAX, the two front men for the Jacksonville, Florida based duo known as REDROCK, putting out records has never been an easy hustle. Too often their lives have back peddled into the world of hustling that is reflected in their debut single from ABB Records "Gs Like Us." The DJ Evidence produced song is a street anthem for dope boyz in trap houses all across America who know what it is to live life under constant threat of arrest, violence, or even death. Some how when you hear the hook "If you in the streets like me, then you a G like me" you believe there is much more than a loose association to "The Game" behind REDROCK's lyrics.

Unfortunately, in this instance art imitated life too closely as both members recently were convicted on various drug charges that will put the group on ice for about a year while they pay their "debts to society." Ironically in a genre that thrives on authenticity, this closeness to "the streets" which is so apparent in their lyrics may be the same thing that brings REDROCK's music to the mainstream. A new grass roots "FREE REDROCK" campaign has already begun popping up on T-shirts in hoods everywhere making the buzz about their music stronger than ever.

REDROCK is no stranger to adversity as the group has had plenty to deal with in the process of putting together a finished record. The group was formed by Limp Bizkit drummer and Jacksonville native John Otto some three years ago and quickly became his proteges and focus. In 2003, Otto set the duo up in a Los Angeles studio where they began work on material which would eventually become the foundation of their debut album (tentatively entitled "Life Afta Death"). Although a productive relationship (some 40 songs were reportedly recorded while in L.A. Including "Gs..."), problems with his day job eventually lead to Otto releasing the group and the boys of REDROCK once again found themselves returning back to the temptations of hustling and fast money. However, like all things 'Hood" this lifestyle wouldn't last very long and a return to making music was right around the corner for REDROCK as the industry came calling again.

In the beginning of 2006, the group was told that Beni B, the CEO of ABB Records, had heard some tracks and wanted to put out a 12" for one of the songs they had recorded in L.A. with DJ Evidence. Nearly three years after it was recorded, the song "Gs Like Us" found new life and REDROCK once again was knee deep in the music business but this time with a capable label backing their moves. The 12" has stormed on to college and independent radio through out the South and looks to be a sure fire summer anthem in hoods everywhere having the public wanting more.

The good news from ABB was a welcomed endorsement for REDROCK, who at the time had been busy recording and putting out various mixtape projects. But the reality of some earlier poor decisions were soon to come into play. Currently, the group plans to keep their name out with a new mixtape that is dropping soon as well as their East Unit crew holding down their name while their legal problems are resolved as quickly as possible. REDROCK is expected to be back in action by the end of 2006.

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