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Game arrested for disturbance at mall

Posted on October 30, 2005 by


The Game was arrested on Friday 28th October, according to Associated Press, after being accused of causing a disturbance in a North Carolina mall.

According to the rap star,
"I got arrested for signing autographs," the 25-year-old rapper told television station, WFMY-TV after, he was released on $500 bail. "Signing a little girl's autograph got me arrested."

Police reports contradict these statements, claiming that The Game and his entourage were behaving in an unappropriate manner and swearing frequently whilst attending the mall.

As police entered the scene, he was charged with both disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, following his entourage surrounding police in a threatening way. Pepper spray was utilised to prevent the entourage from beocming too threatening towards police it is believed.

The Game felt that he suffered unfair treatment and that the whole scenario was blown out of all proportion.

"They thought I was Rodney King, man. It was a case of mistaken identity," he told WFMY. "It's unfair, man. Their behavior's unfair."

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