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Game drops all beef with G Unit

Posted on September 27, 2005 by


The beef between Game and 50 is finally finished. According to MTV Game admits to dropping all beef and despite similar statements in the recent past this appears to be the real deal.

"At this point, what are they going to do? The '300 Bars' [freestyle] pretty much solidified my victory. They came back with '300 Shots,' but it was irrelevant and nobody was talking about it. I don't even think it was legitimately aimed at myself. You can't come back from '300 Bars.'? Game said to MTV. "I wish them guys well, whatever they do from now on, trying to climb out that hole," he added. "It's a hole I dug real deep. 50 just gotta sit in that hole and think about his next move, it has to be strategic because it's pretty much over for them cats."

In the meanwhile, streets are buzzing from the new Dr. Dre and Game track titled ?Here We Go Again.? The Game states that Dre has not chosen any side and that it is just 2 rappers coming together on a hot collaboration.

"That was something that was bootlegged," he stated. "It was a beat that Dre produced a long time ago. I wrote the verse and Dre spit it. I don't know how it got out. But when I found out that it was out, I put a hook on it and some extra verses and made it do what it do. It's hot in the streets. But that's what it's all about ? that's the mixtape game. That's why I am as potent as I am as an MC."

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Comment by AmayaY, on 2nd February 2011

Taco bell launches ad campaign striking back at beef lawsuit

Comment by rickw86, on 28th November 2006

Hes a wanker

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