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Ice T Throws Disses Towards Soulja Boy

Posted on June 23, 2008 by


A radio interview released last week revealed rapper Ice-T dissing Soulja Boy deeming his music 'garbage'. Soulja Boy responded with a video posted on YouTube in retaliation calling Ice-T T "old as f***" and claiming that Ice-T had only dissed him as a pathetic publicity stunt. Kanye West even had a point of view on the situation, which he commented on via his official blog. Kanye sides with Soulja Boy this time, defending the young rapper. Kanye praises him for his unique sound and up beat dance vibes, comparing him to rap legend, Nas.

"Soulja boy is fresh as hell and is actually the true meaning of what hip-hop is supposed to be," West wrote on his blog. "He came from the hood, made his own beats, made up a new saying, new sound and a new dance with one song. He had all of America rapping this summer. If that ain't hip-hop then what is?

"That song was so dope 'cause everything he said had a hidden meaning ... that's Nas level sh**," West continued.

West then commented on the disses which Ice-T had thrown at Soulja Boy;

"A bunch of wannabe 'keep it real' rappers that ain't even relevant, recycling samples, trying to act like it's 96 again, and all they do is hate on new sh**?" West asked. "N****s always talk about the golden age, but for a 13-year-old kid, this is the golden age!"

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Comment by dopederrick, on 23rd June 2008


Kanye west is fucking dumb as hell.
hidden meaning to his songs? Bullshit.

then compare him to nas?

souljer boy isnt even rap.

its pop.

underground is rap.

Comment by cascade, on 23rd June 2008

Am on soulja b side, I first believed is style was shit now to me it makes sense so far people can understand it and rock so what the fuck ice t should go seat down cuz is old school

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