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Illinois Rapper Involved In 1.3 Million Con

Posted on June 17, 2007 by


Felony charges were made towards Illinois based rapper Blaxican, following a $1.3 million scam. The scam involved conning investors by falsely informing them that the funds would be used to produce an Adam Sandler movie.

Allegations by the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that the rapper, Eric Jaglicic, along with Brian Falatovich, his partner, met 27 counts of theft, deception, security and wire fraud in front a grand jury.

Investigations have been on-going since November, following the re-possession of Blaxican's mansion home.

The money used to buy the house and to purchase goods for the home, including a home cinema system, recording studio, games arcade, and even a pair of alligators, was all via the scam. 'The Record Deal' is the name of the film which he invented, and accusations have been made that he was actually stalking Adam Sandler.

30 years imprisonment is what he faces if the jury finds him guilty.

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Comment by markadmus, on 2nd July 2007

That is outta here!!!

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