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Introduction to The Hood Affiliates

Posted on August 16, 2005 by


The Hood Affiliates Compton native City Boy (formerly of Guerilla Black?s Dolla figga camp) and Pittsburgh Pa native Eddie Kane Jr. come together to form the first East/West Group known as ?The Hood Affiliates?. This sets a whole new precedent as far as setting new trends and upping the ante. Slated for an early September release, The Hood Affiliates plan to drop their mixtape/album which features undeniable street records and rowdy club anthem. City Boy is a 21 year old rapper straight from the west side of Compton California. He?s has been rapping since the age of 18 but began to take his craft seriously at the age of 20. Growing up in the rough streets of Compton has influenced City Boy?s lyrics and flow
immensely. Also being a former member of Guerilla Black?s Dolla Figga camp has shown city how to maneuver in an industry filled with cut throat executives and A&R?s.

Eddie Kane was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa, but now calls Raleigh, NC his home and he also represents the next era and level in hip hop entertainment! Eddie Kane comes with a distinct rhyme acumen that many MC's can't even begin to emulate (no pun intended)! The flow, the style, the delivery, the charisma; these are things that set him apart from your average "wanting to get on" MC, but the aspect that sets him the most apart is the confidence and character he displays when blazing mic?s or performing on stage! In March of 2003, Eddie Kane was wounded three times and in a senseless shooting that left his best friend of 7 years dead on the scene of the crime. Eddie has seen his fair share of life experiences and instead of making bad decisions, he chooses hip hop to be an outlet for the truth as well as his frustrations. He has opened up for entertainers such as, Luke, Mya, Trick Daddy and is appearing on the upcoming mix tape "GTA2" from PYO Entertainment with Shade Sheist. Also in April of 2005 Eddie Kane performed with Shade Sheist (From the record where I wanna be featuring Nate Dogg and Kurupt) in Taipei, Taiwan.

City Boy and Eddie Kane look forward to the future simple because they are ?The Future?. The streets have been giving City Boy and Eddie Kane much love; they decided to share their music with the world through internet. Individuals can contact city boy and Eddie Kane at the following email addresses for any purposes:
collaborations, beats, etc.

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