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J Hood Sends A Message To D Block To Quit Beef

Posted on May 5, 2008 by


J Hood has been having major digs towards D-Block through a whole range of mediums including via the media, YouTube videos and diss tracks. A letter has now been released, via his publicist, explaining the situation and apologizing for the on-going feud, which he describes as a series of mistakes.

"First of all I personally would like to apologize to all the real fans out there, all the true hip-hop heads, and lyric followers for my role playing in this whole ordeal because it's honestly something that you shouldn't have had to witness," J-Hood told us.

"As a man I can say I truly made a couple mistakes and went over board with a couple things, but as a man we are entitled to make mistakes because we aren't mistake prone. ... Me dragging my chain was obviously one of the mistakes I made that evidently had the people upset, and like I said in a previous interview, I admit that was a mistake and I went overboard," he continued.

"Even though I'm entitled and have every right to feel how I felt, two wrongs don't necessarily make a right and some of my actions were just that," said Hood. "I will eternally be appreciative to The LOX for giving me an opportunity to be heard, period, point blank. But I just couldn't keep living with the fact of knowing I'm representing something false on top of not even being compensated well for it."

J-Hood then sent a message toward D-Block saying that he does not want to prolong the beef.

"I'm just honestly at a point in my life where I'm past that mentally. I mean the whole grudge thing, it's no space in my mind for that anymore because I'm on a whole other level," said Hood.

"I just want to wish them the best at what ever they are doing now and in their future ventures. Hopefully we can work out our differences," he added.

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Comment by kygirl123, on 22nd May 2008

I don;t even know who this is and i
know all the rappers he must don't be important he probably sucks
he ain't worth it

Comment by mario, on 6th May 2008

He sucks 8) :lol:

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