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Jadakiss Finally Cleared Of Drug And Gun Charges

Posted on October 5, 2007 by


Jadakiss has finally learned that all drug and gun related charges from as far back as 2006 have now been dropped. The Associated Press have published that the Westchester Country district attorneys office asked for charges to be dropped against both Jadakiss and Kristian Smith who was also present at the time.

The year long ordeal is a travesty in the opinion of Clemt Patti, Jadakiss' lawyer, claiming that the burden has been loitering over his client for far too long and has affected both his state of mind and ultimately his career. Jadakiss is now free to develop his career without such problems holding him back.

Jadakiss was arrested in October, 2006 with two other men in New York. This stemmed from a traffic stop which uncovered marijuana and a handgun in their ownership.

DNA had failed to link any of the men to the handgun, which after the judge granted the motion, the discharge had become official.

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Comment by sophia88, on 26th November 2007

Im glad the truth comes to light eventually, the star shines above to free those trapped. One love!juju ;)

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