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Johnny J Suspected Suicide In La Jail

Posted on October 6, 2008 by


Johnny J, profound producer known primarily for his work on Tupac's legendary All Eyez On Me album, has been found dead whilst in custody at a Los Angeles County Jail. Initial indications by police point towards a potential suicide. TMZ reported that Johnny J was being detained on a DUI charge, and that authorities had suggested that he had took his own life by jumping off a tier within the jail. A travesty at just 39 years old, Johnny had a wife and two children.

In the early 90's Johnny was first considered a talented producer when he produced the hit single 'Knockin Boots' for his Berklee College of Music classmate, Canydman. The success of this single prompted a meeting with Tupac, and the duo teemed up on Pac's Thug Life album and the Above the Rim soundtrack. The duo partnered up until Pac's latest releases and formed a formidable partnership.

Johnny J produced 'How Do U Want It', 'All About U', 'Picture Me Rollin', and 'Hit Em Up' to name a few and also spearheaded his own Klock Work Entertainment company.

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