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Juelz Santana Blames Camron For Overdue Album

Posted on February 26, 2008 by


Juelz Santana has not released an album since 2005 when he dropped What the Game's Been Missing! , and fans have been anxiously awaiting a follow up. The Dipset member has recently spoken out on the reasons for the delay and has placed the entire blame on Dipset founder Camron.

Juelz spoke with New York's Hot 97 radio station's Angie Martinez about the situation with Diplomats members and questioned the integrity of the crew. Juelz commented that he and others (Mike Jones was mentioned) have problems with Diplomats founder Camron.

The cause of the problem was not identified by Juelz, but he stated that there are differences to be settled, before he can fully concentrate on a new album release.

"Me and Cam gotta work some things out, bottom line," Juelz told Angie. "I came in the game when I was young right, so it's no reason for me -- to have accomplished and did as much as I did -- to be getting treated the same way as I was treated when I just came in."

Juelz is also expected to drop a collaborative album with Lil Wayne, entitled I Can't Feel My Face, but a release date for this album is also yet unknown.

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Comment by angelangelius, on 17th March 2008

Oh my gosh??? :? :lol:

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