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Lil Flip And Mr Caponee Connected With New Album

Posted on December 3, 2006 by


Lil Flip' is giving his fans what they want in addition to setting his sights in on the booming Hispanic market - Mr. Capone-e is shooting for the mainstream.

Two of the hardest hustlas' in the rap game get Connected a new project with a release date of November 14. Houston's "Freestyle King" Lil' Flip and the West Coast's "Hustle King", Mr. Capone-e combine their flow to create a raw, hard-hitting 20-track reflection of their worlds entitled Connected.

After a tumultuous and successful year that included a label switch, Lil' Flip was exploring ways to build some inroads into the West Coast. Always having an ear to the street, Lil Flip had heard about Mr. Capone-e's string of Billboard successes on Hi Power/B-Dub Records These included collaborations' and full CD's with Twista, (whose single Don't Get It Twisted is currently receiving power rotation nationwide), Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Zapp, and Mr. Criminal. Of course, Mr. Capone-e's was also enjoying tremendous success with his own releases.

Lil' Flip recognized the underground hustle of a man moving over a million plus units with no major label promo machine behind him and wanted in. Capone-eís very own Hi Power label is distributed through indie power-house B--Dub, a subsidiary of Thump Records and exclusively distributed by Universal Music Distribution.

Mr. Capone-e's fan base is primarily Latino and maintains a loyal stronghold throughout the West Coast, Southwest and Midwest. The emerging Latin market is rapidly becoming an important factor in urban radio and strong record sales. The B-Dub label and its parent company, Thump Records, have been industry leaders in the Latin rap and hip-hop market both labelís inception as the musical partner of Lowrider Magazine over 20 years ago.

Lil' flip's last CD entitled, U Got to Feel Me, was a crossover success and propelled him to national recognition. It has since reached platinum status behind such hits as "Gameover" and "Sunshine".

Up and coming rappers should take note on how to work the streets by these two Soundscan heavyweights. Their lead off single is a banger entitled King of the Streets

There is no denying the street tenacity of Lil' Flip and Mr. Capone. There is also no denying the sales pull of these 2 heavyweights. Connected will have the old fans and new fiendin' for a piece of Lil' Flip and Mr. Capone -e. Get Connected on 11/14/06!

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