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Lil Scrappy Listening Session For The Grustle

Posted on October 29, 2009 by


Disturbing Tha Peace's most recent acquisition, Lil' Scrappy, is preparing to demonstrate an artistic side which has seldom been witnessed. Lil' Scrappy held a listening session on October 27th, offering media and DJ's a sneak preview of his up and coming The Grustle album, which is expected in stores on December 15th.

"It's always good when an artist knows the direction they wanna go with a project," DTP's CEO Chaka Zulu told "Scrappy came in with a focus and a work ethic, which helped materialize this project called The Grustle: his grind and his hustle. The album is the s**t! Go get it!"

Scrappy declared how he is presenting a more mature album this time around.

"I never did me," Scrappy explained. "Everytime y'all heard me, that was somebody telling me to do that. 'You gotta be crunk, 'cause you're the Prince of Crunk.' And once you put that out there, that's who you gotta be. But n***as grow up."

"That's the most lyrical spiritual, real, heart touching [song] and people can feel that," Scrappy told "What people can't feel, they don't remember. Dance songs, crunk songs, all that s**t good. But when it come to songs that'll be around forever, that'll get you that publishing check forever, those are the ones that go. I don't give a f**k about that club s**t for real. Thug It to the Bone is one of those you can make a movie off just what I'm saying in all the verses…"

The Grustle also welcomes Gucci Mane, Maino and most notably his own daughter, Emani, who sings the hook on "Big Boy Talking".

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Comment by ppplild, on 10th November 2009

Lil scrappy got skills... Wish him the best of luck

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