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Lil Wayne Supports Family Of Killed Child

Posted on October 20, 2008 by


During a benefit event on October 18th, Lil Wayne made an effort to ease the pain of the family, of one his biggest and most loyal fans. Ryan Slingerland was killed last month after his car lost control on a dusty road, before plunging into a tree. His death was included in the local newspaper where it was also mentioned of his love for Lil Wayne's music.

Kathleen Busch read the snippet, and knew Lil Wayne as she stays in the apartment next to him in Florida. She wrote the following note to the rapper.

"A few words from someone meaningful to Ryan would mean more than any amount of counselling or antidepressants. People on the outside see your fur and jewelry and wealth but we're all the same. This is your opportunity to do something."

Busch had sent the letter to her mother-in-law who took it down to Wayne's apartment and presented it to him, after being permitted by an outside bouncer.

The benefit concert, which was aiming to raise funds for the funeral, was enlightened when the parents of the child received a package sent directly from Lil Wayne, including two autographed magazines and a sympathy card.

Lil Wayne also revealed that same day, that he was expecting a son.

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