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Man steals Will Smiths identity

Posted on December 28, 2005 by


A man who allegedly stole the identity of Will Smith has been sentences to 2 years imprisonment.

Carlos Lomax, 45, was convicted of fraudulently opening and charging over $33,000 with fourteen counterfeit accounts at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area stores in Will Smith’s legal name, Willard C. Smith.

Lomax earlier pleaded guilty in September of 2002 to a charge of "use of an unauthorized access device."

Lomax, has comitted a smiliar offense when he imitated basketball star Steve Smith again running up bills in excess of $80,000.

In court, Lomax was accused of not being at all rehabilitated, and has failed to pay back the sums which he was demanded to repay. Lomax was then further told to pay back sums derived from the identies of both Will Smith and another undisclosed football player.

Lomax commented; "You get somebody with a common name that you think has good credit or a lot of money," Lomax explained shortly after being arrested. "Willard Smith, you would never think was Will Smith until this happened. When I got his credit report, I couldn't believe it."

Investigators tracked Lomax's home address, where he was using Will Smith's name.

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