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Mc Shan Remastered Down By Law

Posted on May 8, 2007 by


This Tuesday May 8, 2007, Cold Chillin Records and Traffic Entertainment are giving hip-hop lovers an old school treat, in a new school kind of way, by releasing a re-mastered double disc CD of hip hop icon, MC Shan's original Down by Law album. This is the first time the album is released as a double disc CD. Containing 30 digitally re-mastered songs and bonus material ranging from artwork to audio, hip-hop lovers won’t be disappointed.

Known for his confidence and "I dare you to battle me” attitude, MC Shan Shan got a record deal with Cold Chillin' Records in 1983 and joined Marley Marl's Juice Crew All-Stars. After a few singles were released MC Shan's debut album Down By Law came out in 1987. Shan also found himself to be a key player in the classic hip-hop battle, "The Bridge Wars", between the Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions (BDP). Shan and Marley Marl released a song called "The Bridge" which started the feud. KRS-One and BDP came back with "South Bronx", later to be responded by the Juice Crew's "Kill That Noise". KRS-One and BDP then released "The Bridge is Over".

After The Bridge Wars, MC Shan went on to produce 2 more solo albums and had more notable career highlights, including his production of rapper Snow’s first LP with the title track, "Informer". Shan also recorded "Da Bridge 2001" for Nas' 2000 compilation called "QB's Finest". Just recently in 2006, MC Shan and another former Juice Crew member Roxanne Shante’, announced their plans to form a "New Juice Crew", looking for rappers, singers, and producers. MC Shan is considered by many hip-hop fans as a hip-hop icon for his free-styling and story-telling lyrics.

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