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Nas Hip Hop Is Dead Attracts Large Album Sales

Posted on December 28, 2006 by


Nas and his new album entitled Hip Hop is Dead has propelled to the top of the album charts after selling 355,000 copies in it's intial week, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

Despite the rapper's move to Def Jam and the hysteria and intrigue behind the album name, the sales have certainly not been affected and perhaps the pre-release talk has prompted further purchases of the album.

The recent figures for hip hop albums have been on the decline, but this album shows that if a quality release is made available, there is undoubtedly still a huge market for it. Nas is one of those artists, who can attract such attention.

Nas has ended 2006 with a great release, and left everyone relating to hip hop on a high and eagerly awaiting next year. The album is one of the best of 2006, as the figures prove and more importantly, almost ironically, proves that Hip Hop is still very much alive.

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Comment by Freeze, on 2nd January 2007

I am not surprised that it has sold this way. With all they people talking about the name of the album and everybody blowing it up it and nas being the great mc he is he was going to sell.

Comment by HHR, on 29th December 2006


Probably none, since you don't have the status that nas has. This only worked since a reputable and respected artist came out with a bold statement. Propoganda? Perhaps, but clever.

Comment by rE$SouthSideE$, on 28th December 2006

If I name my cd "i killed 2pac" how many do u think I would sell?

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