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New Rhymefest Jukebox Including Album Tracks

Posted on June 23, 2006 by


Rhymefest has just revealed his new Jukebox on his site which includes Fever and Stick, the main tracks from the up and coming album Blue Collar, expected for release on July 11, 2006. The Jukebox also allows you to view images from the new video.

Launch The JukeBox

Rhymefest tour dates:

6/2 - Chicago, IL - Apple Store 7pm
6/5 - NYC - Canal Room - Metro Live (Mobb Deep) 11pm
6/6 - NYC - R + R - Electric Ride (Stori James) 11pm
6/8 - NYC - Central Park - Save The Rhinos (Common, Rakim, Lupe) 6pm
6/15 - Chicago, IL - Dusable Museum - WGCI's School's Out Jump Off 4pm
6/17 - NYC - J n R Music Festival TBD
6/22 - Minneapolis, MN - The Fine Line (Leroy Smokes) 11pm
6/24 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (Big Daddy Kane, Lupe) 6pm
6/25 - Chicago, IL - Union Park Chicago - Intonation Music Festival TBD
7/6 - Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest (Floetry) 10pm
7/19 - Chicago, IL - Virgin MegaStore - Chicago Hip Hop Heritage 7pm

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