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Obie Trice shot at while driving

Posted on January 3, 2006 by


Obie Trice was recently shot at during a shooting which happened on Saturday (December 31st) at approximately 1am.

The 28-year-old was travelling with three passengers on the Detroit freeway, after attending a party, when shots were fired at the back window of his Range Rover from another vehicle.

The rapper continued to drive, wounded after suffering one shot to the head, until his girlfriend, who was uninjured, flagged down police in the Detroit suburb of Southfield.

State Police Sgt. Mario Gonzales said the rapper received treatment but was released after doctors said he was in "good condition".

The shooting is now being investigated by state police, although there are currently no suspects.

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Comment by lilboyblue, on 18th May 2007



Comment by sean, on 4th January 2006

Chheky twats shootin t obie fuckin amazin rapper like ope to ere is new album soon :)

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