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Papoose Sued By Ambulance Volunteer Service

Posted on April 28, 2008 by


Papoose is being sued by the chief of a Brooklyn volunteer ambulance service, protesting that he was tricked into taking part in a violent hip hop video. Rocky Robinson, the co-founder of the Ambulance service company told the New York Post that expressed that Pap's people had contacted him previously to arrange a video shoot to showcase what is done in the community.

Instead, the footage was used as part of his rap video for his song 'Ambulance' which was an attack on Uncle Murda. "I would never knowingly let someone use this ambulance corps as a stage to peddle his words about murdering somebody," said Robinson, 67, an ex-EMS captain.

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Comment by EL-AYY, on 3rd June 2008

O k, maybe pap's was wrong for not clarifying the usage of the ambulance but that does not mean take it to the extreme and sue.

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