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Ras Kass And The Game Fight Inside Nightclub

Posted on September 15, 2006 by


Rappers Ras Kass and The Game confronted each other in a fight at a Los Angeles night club on Thursday night.

Ras Kass is currently embarking on a nationwide tour with both Rakim and Kid Capri.

The altercation took place in Club Element, and the entire event stemmed from a song named "Caution," an older track from Ras Kass. The lines in question are:

Get a thousand tattoos and won't raise ya gun / so when you get merked I'ma raise ya son /

The lyrics to the song are what sparked the debate, where Ras proclaimed that The Game was no match for him either lyrically or physically.

The beef isn't expected to last and The Game believes that Ras's career is already over and he sees no point in responding lyrically.

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Comment by lilboyblue, on 18th May 2007



Comment by bosnianbig, on 1st November 2006

Damn I think its gonna be some tight shit because game can make some hot diss tracks but still stupid shit that he left aftermath

Comment by DaDirtiest, on 20th October 2006

The game is a fucking joke.
anyone who likes him is just praying for some sort of west coast ressurection.

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Comment by , on 28th September 2006

I would love to see the game, nas and jim jones do one newyork track and this could be the name

Comment by dopederrick, on 21st September 2006


I cant stand tha game especially since he left aftermath records,,,stupid shit....hes all hailin dr.dre and calls his cd the doctors advocate in name of dr.dre then he leaves aftermath...bullshit

Comment by wmoton, on 18th September 2006


Crazy shit. Game is one of dem type niggaz who I guess don like people sneak dissn him. Big ups I like both rappers.

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